Rick Ramseur

The memorable obituary of Shane Jones prepared by Michael Banks  was a very touching tribute to a life well lived. 

Unlike most traditional obituaries that cover mostly the “basics,” this one included numerous personal references and antidotes that were both poignant and poetic.  It also revealed interesting and noteworthy information about my dear friend of which I was unaware. 

Obviously considerable research was employed in its creation.  It is one of the few obituaries that I will actually save. 

Needless to say, I strongly recommend Mr. Michael Banks’ literary services to any one faced with preparing an obituary for a loved one. 

Janace Jones

Michael’s obituary for Shane was written exactly as our family desired. We wanted a personal story of his amazing life.

A person’s life is so much more than a list of memberships to organizations.

Michael’s descriptive style of writing took everyone on a journey from birth to the end. Friends and relatives who knew Shane have commented that this was the most memorable obituary that they had ever read.

Our family would like to thank Michael for writing such a wonderful tribute to him.

Leslie and Bob Schneider

Michael Banks honored my friend, Shane Jones, with the most heart-warming obituary I have ever read.

To call it an obituary is to imply that it was a typical piece about the deceased that gave the dry facts about his life and who he was survived by and where to send memorials.

Michael made Shane live again in the hearts of all who knew and loved him. He told the story of Shane’s life, sharing anecdotes and examples of things friends and co-workers either knew about him or learned from reading his story. Someone reading Michael’s piece who didn’t know Shane would know after reading it who Shane was in life and would have a sense of what a good man he was.

Michael’s gift of writing made Shane jump off the page in a warm and heartfelt way – beyond your basic mundane obituary.

We loved you Shane and we miss you.

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